With so many brands out in the market now, it is getting increasingly difficult to identify the best from all electronic cigarette manufacturers this year but like every year, there are few which have got rave reviews amongst all and have been appreciate by critics and consumers alike. There are no surprises this year even after so many new companies getting into the market which shows the kind of loyal following these brands have. So the list is pretty much the same like last year and few of our top brands who have the distinction of being called Best Electronic Cigarettes of 2014 are:

Green Smoke: Green Smoke is a Florida based company and since January’2012 is BBB accredited. They are always in the forefront of new technological innovations in the electronic cigarettes market and have made quite an investment in doing Research and Development in this area. One of their technologies is named as Flavor Shield and helps in creating high vapor volume and gives a robust flavor to the consumer. Few of the other technologies patented by Green Smoke are Sensor Safe & Green Seal and these helps in flavor enhancement, freshness and in protecting the battery which helps in increasing the capacity of the battery. Their batteries have a unique automatic feature which automatically gets turned on when it is inhaled and gets turned off when not in use. It helps avoiding any wastage and lets you enjoy your cigarette to the fullest.

V2 Cigs: V2 Cigs is a brand which is known for its quality and attention to detail while manufacturing their products to match it to exactly what customer wants. They are very reasonably priced as well and provide a good value for money. The assortment of products they offer is one of the best and  is unmatched by its competitors and they have wide variety of flavors to choose from, and a different battery size depending on the need of the consumers. They offer very economical option of refilling cartridges by buying one of their e-liquids. It saves quite a lot of money as compared to buying spare cartridges once the original ones are empty.

South Beach: Another brand which has been there in the top league of brands since long is South Beach Smoke. They are one of the cheapest electronic cigarette manufacturers in the market. The consumers have described the smoking experience with South Beach Smoke as the closest to traditional cigarettes which many of the loyalists of smoking crave. The vapor production is also of very high quality and one of the best in the industry. They have very unique flavors like cherry flavor which is not offered by many of the competitors and is liked by many of the consumers. They have an auto refill program which if enrolled entitles the customers to receive replacement batteries at no extra cost.

In the nutshell, these 3 brands have been the pioneers in the electronic cigarette market and it looks really difficult for any of the other brands to dislodge them from their top position.

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