The market is full of electronic cigarette brands that claim to offer best quality electronic cigarettes. However, you must know not all electronic cigarettes are made the same way. There are brands that sell low quality e cigarettes. You need to be very careful when you are buying an electronic cigarette. You must do your research well. It is best to spend some time before making the purchase than to regret later.

Our review team has scoured through the Internet to compile a list of top 3 electronic cigarette brands. The brands have been carefully picked after keeping the following factors in mind:

  1. Appearance
  2. Taste
  3. Battery Life
  4. Price
  5. Customer Service
  6. Warranty
  7. Money Back Guarantee

The team has put in all the hard work so you don’t have to. You can simply read the reviews of all the three brands listed on our website and then decide which e cigarette brand will suit you the best.

Top 3 Electronic Cigarettes:


V2CigsV2 Cigs: V2 Cigs is the # 1 electronic cigarette brand that has outcast some of the known brands in just couple of years. The brand can be seen at No 1 spot on several other electronic cigarette reviews websites. has also ranked them as No 1 electronic cigarette brand. The have over 1 million customers worldwide. The brand has always focused on manufacturing top quality e cigarettes with good battery life. The brand offers more flavors than their competitors. They look trendy and stylish. If you are looking for an e cigarette that is affordable yet sleek and stylish, go for V2 Cigs.

2South Beach SmokeSouth Beach Smoke: South Beach Smoke is ranked 2nd in our list of top 3 e cigarette brands. South Beach Smoke is known for its sleek and stylish designs. They offer wide range of starter kits and flavors to choose from. They are affordable as well. They are known for their long lasting battery life. If you are looking for an electronic cigarette that can meet all your expectations, go for South Beach Smoke.



EversmokeEver Smoke: Ever Smoke Electronic Cigarette is ranked 3rd in our list of top 3 e cigarette brands. They are known for offering great tasting flavor cartridges, thick vapor production, advanced electronic cigarette technology, and outstanding customer service. Their signature glowing orange crystal tip makes them look trendy and separates them from the rest. If you are looking for an e cigarette that will give you real like experience, go for Ever Smoke.